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The Quick Start Challenge – Part 10 – End Game

The last week of the Quick Start Challenge to reach the end of the 28 day cycle. I wonder how many people have made any money as a direct result of the challenge. Only another seven days to go to provide that magic elixir that will make a pile of cash in 28 days. Call me the skeptic but I hoped for some new strategy or software or anything that might be a monumental statement to entry level internet marketers that money could be made in such a short period of time. So now the curtain comes up on the big prize.

My prediction back at week one was that this whole Quick Start Challenge program is a set-up for an extended coaching program that will be offered at the end of the challenge. Oh, it is the end, everyone get ready for the big one. So far it has been a soft sell to the five thousand dollar ipro program. You have to love the way it is being marketed, give a full membership for week one, explain the coaching program. Week two and three give a half membership and explain the program. So unless we all get something really big for free the big deal for the last night will be an opportunity to invest in our futures.

So I was right with my first guess. What I do not get is why some of the QSC participants seem to be almost angry about the end game. I must agree with Dean Holland that you paid less than twenty dollars and you received way more than twenty dollars worth of value in return. I say use what you learned, continue to blog, drive traffic and earn.

List Building Made Simple

Most everyone agrees that List Building is the key to making money in any online business. i just found a list building system called ListSpark that has a twist on list building that I have not seen before. The system does it all except provide traffic, yes all means all. They provide hosting, auto-responder and squeeze pages for you to send the traffic to build your list for free.

Sounds great? Sure, you know there is a catch, do you really think they would give you all that for flat out nothing? The free system cost you no money, according to the hype, never will. What it will cost you is the first 5 of every opt-in that you get. It seems that 5 opt-ins is a small price to pay for building a profitable list. The system does provide an alternate paid membership that does not cost you any opt-ins.

The point of this review is to provide a means for those with no funds to start building a list. If that describes you and your situation you might lust give ListSparkk a go.

The Quick Start Challenge – Part 9

Week three of the Quick Start Challenge is well underway. The easy part is signing up to an auto-responder vendor and inserting the opt-in form in the side bar of the blog. If you are having trouble with this part just request help here in the comment section or read the the QSC FaceBook conversations for help. The most important part of this weeks challenge is the gift.

The free give away is the hook that gets the reader of the blog on to your most important asset, the list. So for this week you can get started with any old PLR as a gift. You can learn the mechanics of the setup process. But, for the long term you need to research your market for just the right bait. To go fishing for an example, the ocean is full of all kinds of fish, but if you are fishing with the wrong bait you either catch nothing or what you catch is not what you want and most likely not worth having. Yes, you can end up with a list that makes no money.

The PLR products that you may find should not be used without modifications and refinements. Hundreds if not thousands of copies of the PLR report may be in use. So your copy should not be the same as any of the others. If you think that your writing skills are not what is needed to rewrite the report, go to fiverr and find a writer to do the job for a reasonable price.

For the work you cannot do!

For the work you cannot do!

When hiring someone to do any work, the key is to hire the best person you can find for a price you can afford to pay. The best thing fiverr ever did was allow the vendors to charge more than five dollars for their gigs. With the gig extra pricing you can hire someone to rewrite or even better, write a report for less than fifty dollars. The writing you can outsource, the thinking and planning you must do. Your niche selection is the most important part of the equation. When you have that solved, just go over to and search out the right vendor. OK, they keep the brand; “fiverr“, but the best work will cost you a bit more than five dollars.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable writing, spend the time and create your own original report. To help with the topic selection, keep in mind that you will need offers to send to the list, so pick several topics, search for offers, select one that shows the best promise for generating income. One way to look at the offer process is to decide how often you want the list to repeat. Everyone will hit the unsubscribe button if you are not providing value or are over offering. Not every email should have an offer, give them some free information while setting them up for the next offer.

While your report is being created, remember to keep up with the daily work of getting traffic to your blog. The process of getting traffic without paying a fee is one that requires patients. If you Keep blogging two or three times a week plus continue commenting on blogs and forums you will be rewarded with traffic. Next time we will talk about some ways to speed up the traffic flow.

Quick Start Challenge – Part 8

The Quick Start Challenge week three instructions are again solid internet marketing techniques. I see it as pure reinforcement to the well known adage that “the money is in the list”. You have heard it many times like I have, but do you have a profitable list? I do not.My main reason for not having a list is all the junk offers that I receive everyday. I just do not want to be one of those people that send out a junk offer three times a day. I exercise the unsubscribe link on anyone that sends me more than once a week.

So you might ask, why am I building a list at this time? It is simple really, Dean Holland was convincing with the process he presented. I have never heard the process presented the way he explained. My thought was always to get people on the list and send them offers. The difference Dean hit me with is so simple, just not sure how I missed the point. The way to build the list is to generate a list of people in a very specific niche. Provide that list with the tools they need in the form of offers designed to fill the requirements of the niche.

Could it be more simple than that? No need to send out daily emails of every offer with a high gravity number on ClickBank. I see now why my earnings have been so meager. The scope of the free offer or squeeze page must be fine tuned to only capture a specific market. Design the capture point to be the entry point to the niche. Select a market whose needs can be filled with a series of offers seen as required tools for competing in and being successful in the particular niche.

The nuts and bolts of the challenge for week three is to get signed up with an auto-responder vendor, beg barrow or steel something of value to give away and install an opt-in form on your blog sidebar. I am sure these three tasks will be difficult for some, as for me, I am already done. My task for the week will be to refine the entry point of my list with a new lead magnet as GetResponse calls it. Just as Dean instructed, if you use one of the primary auto-responder vendors you will get lots of free instruction. I am in the middle of a free series of daily lessons offered by GetResponse called “Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers”.

The lessons are a series of videos that teach you how to use all aspects of the system. Do you think it makes since for them to teach you how their system works for free? Yes it does.
Just go to GetResponse and sign-up to the GetResponse University in the upper right hand corner.

GetResponse Monster

GetResponse Monster

(By the way that is an affiliate link) See, the lesson has been learned and is hard at work before the week 3 challenge is barely underway. I see now that my work from home online business will be the key to what I am after. “The Internet Lifestyle” which happens to be the topic for the week 4 Quick Start Challenge.

The Quick Start Challenge – Part 7

The Quick Start Challenge 3.0 is moving in to the third week. I am waiting for the ground breaking techniques to come out. This may be the week. So far we spent a week creating a blog and making a post. Another week was spent making and posting a video. Not to say that anything said so far is not worthwhile, but i do not see how what we have spent half the 28 days on will make much cash.

Not to go out on a limb here, but forum and blog commenting will take a lot of time to generate enough traffic to make money. I am sure that neither method will make any money in 28 days. The most of the traffic will come from people that are part of the challenge. Granted a few may become customers when they visit others on the blogroll, but that will not be anything big. My point is there must be something really good coming in the next two weeks.

I am not sure what the next week challenge will bring, however it is time to bring out the big money generating methods. If we do not see something soon, time will be up, and we will have wasted another few dollars on a program that does not deliver. I have been in this online business game a while now, and I know 28 days is a short time to go from zero to any measurable cash using traditional no cost internet marketing methods.

On Monday July 20th at 6 PM Eastern time we will see if a new work from home method will come out that will get us on a path to generating some cash as the hype promised.

Next post will reveal the week 3 challenge and I hope some great internet marketing technique for making money within the remaining two weeks.

Quick Start Challenge – Part 6

This is the week two challenge. Make a video post on this blog and post it on YouTube. Here it is here we will have to see about posting on Youtube. I have little to no use for Google since they devalued all my sites and sent my income down the drain a few years ago. My thing is to make it without Google or anything it owns.

It is what it is my first video.

The Quick Start Challenge – Part 5

So, just for grins I will make my first video and post it on YouTube for the week two challenge of The Quick Start Challenge 3. Look for my post here in a few hours.

I have been busy on the Warrior Forum trying to generate some traffic to this blog by way of a new thread and the link in the signature line. I have been a member since 2009, however, I have only used it to research products.

The requested blog comment swap is progressing. Everyone that I commented on has reciprocated, but no unprompted comments so far. With a pool of several hundred, I thought there would be more comment activity. People might be getting the video challenge out of the way before they start joining forums and blog hopping. Because they suggested using your name to create a brand, there are many blogs who’s niche cannot be determined without a visit. That is not a bad thing, the process will generate traffic for all.

Next step I need to create a script for a one minute video. They said make a video, gave no information on writing a script. The only instruction; include The Quick Start Challenge. If one has no history with internet marketing or online business they might see that a work from home business is not as easy as all the sales pitches make it out to be. Yes you will see first hand that this is hard work.

Quick Start Challenge – Part 4

The Quick Start Challenge for week two may be easy for some people. It may have been easy for me years ago, before there was an internet, when I was somewhat photogenic. But now, I am an over weight mostly bald guy with no interest in getting in front of a camera. The fact is, what video I have used in Internet Marketing has been purchased from vendors on fiverr.

Photogenic or not the Challenge for this week is to post a video on this blog and on YouTube of up to two minutes talking about The Quick Start Challenge. The preference is an on camera video, however, I am waiting for the official Challenge to see if I can find enough wiggle room for my young lady on fiverr to do it for me. I truly believe that everyone should know their limitations.

The Quick Start Challenge – Part 3

The Quick Start Challenge installment number two was held last night. The primary topic was “Traffic”, two viable methods of getting traffic with no cost were explained in detail. It is clear that these guys are teaching safe proven techniques of internet marketing.

Forum marketing when done correctly works, I am sure no one can make a valid argument otherwise. It is the second traffic method that will yield the best results if the members of the group understand what was taught.

A group of somewhere close to a thousand people were told to visit each others blogs and post comments, then counter post on everyone that posts on you. If the instructions are followed, everyone wins.

The Quick Start Challenge – Part 2

The second installment of the “Quick Start Challenge” is coming soon, Monday July 13 at 6 PM Eastern. Just thinking out loud, how are we going to learn this ground breaking system in five one hour sessions? Ok, so I am one of the worlds biggest skeptics when it comes to believing the hype of these Internet Marketing Gurus.

So in five lessons do we get a small taste of success and a sales pitch to enroll in a five thousand dollar membership program? We will see, I hope it is better than that, only time will tell. In one week the “CHALLENGE” is to start a blog with one post. So one week is gone and we are sort of out of the gate. A long way to go before we can make some money.

I will keep this blog posted on my progress at least two post per week. If it gets hot and heavy I will post every day, or more, if that is what it takes.

The Quick Start Challenge 3.0

I signed up for this new program called “The Quick Start Challenge 3.0”. Like all the rest it is the path to a new life.

So how many of these systems/programs have I tried? Not sure I lost count several years ago. Thing is I keep trying, keep looking for the one that will work for me. Maybe this will be the one.

I will keep this blog posted on my progress. This post is my first step. If you want some interesting reading go to this link and read about another plan to success.

How To Setup A Trade Show Exhibit Display

You are always on the lookout for those opportunities when you can be part of trade events. Shows like these allow you to show case what is new with your firm or what new products you have for the market. Making sure that you get your booths designed well to maximize its presence in these settings is always very important. Here are some of the tips you can use for these purposes.

Trade Show

Trade Show

There are a lot of things you need to do if you really want to do the whole setup right. Remember that a lot is going to depend on the trade show exhibit display that you will use to present your booth. Using the right ideas and utilizing all the resources that are present for you would matter immensely

Determine how you would like the booths to look like early on. There are different ways that you can get these booths designed. But you want to focus on something that will help highlight whatever product it is that you are trying to get promoted this time. There needs to be a proper meshing between the products and the look of the campaign that you are trying to run here.

Work on the right design. This is a project that requires you to send enough time identifying which look will work best for you. Decide on a theme that should highlight your product very well. With this, you are confident that you will get something that will be most appealing to your demographics.

You need to arrive early on in the area where the event is supposed to take place. Setting up these booths will not be that easy and it is expected that the process is going to be item-consuming. Having a dedicated team for this purpose is a good idea to. Making sure that they are well trained ensures that they would know exactly what need to be done so you are properly set up before the start of the event.

It is good strategy to have people hanging around the booth to. People tend to get attracted to those booths that already have people on them it may be best to get some your friends to hang out n the setting so more people will be convinced to take a closer look at what it is that you are displaying. Encourage other people from other booths to visit your booth as well so there will always be people hanging around.

You will need people that will perform demonstrations for you too. While people are flocking to your booth, your next step is to let them know of the new product that you have. At the same time, you want them to be aware of how good it is. Demonstrations that showcase the product whole it performs different applications would be quite effective it achieve that.

It is a good thing for you to invest in little giveaways too. When people walk into your booth, listen to what you have to say or check out the demonstrations that you are presenting. You bight want to hand them something that they will remember you by little giveaways are always very helpful towards ensuring that they have a reminder of what products you are introducing to the market.

You can get a complete overview of the factors to consider when choosing a trade show exhibit display design professional at right now.

Video & Its Use To Long Island Advertising Agencies

Long Island advertising agencies house a number of media types, amongst the most popular being video. Many brands have been able to not only embrace said media, but benefit from it in the long form. However, how can agencies such as these make the most out of video? What use does it have to those particular authorities? For those who are hungry for knowledge, maybe these points of interest will give you a better understanding of this.



First of all, it’s important to understand that video attracts tremendous numbers of visitors. All you have to do is look at YouTube, which is easily one of the most popular websites today. Any Long Island advertising agency can attest to this sentiment, and many of them have actually taken it upon themselves to upload content on that very channel. When it comes to engagement, in general, firms such as fishbat can see strong results.

You should also know that video can reflect any brand that it’s attached to. Of course, this can only be done with the proper efforts put forth by those in marketing, seeing as how they understand how different brands operate. When they are unable to keep in tune with different companies, not only in regards to aesthetics but messages in general, it’s easy to see that results will be found. It’s just a matter of the right level of effort being put forth.

What about entertainment, which can play a role in the effectiveness of video content creation? Think about the types of wares that different companies are able to not only produce but market to the masses. Wouldn’t it make sense for entertainment to be integrated, so that greater results stand the chance of coming about? Even if entertainment is seen to a minimal degree, the fact that it exists can only mean better things for any brand’s marketing campaign.

These are just a few reasons why video matters to Long Island advertising agencies across the board. You must understand that no form of useful media should be left out, regardless of how little it’ll be able to benefit you. Not only are videos engaging, when made well, but the traction that they will be able to generate cannot be overlooked. If you’re curious to learn as much as possible, in this respect, you’ll be surprised by the wealth of knowledge you’ll come away with.

For more information regarding what a Long Island advertising agency may offer, consult fishbat.