Americans React To J-Lo’s Attempt To Overthrow President Trump

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We all expected this move from the liberals and their mainstream media. We were very excited about the upcoming Grammys but they were ruined by the liberal Hollywood stars because of course, they’ve been waiting this moment in order to attack President Trump.

Clear Politics reports that these Hollywood stars are ruining every single show since Donald won the Presidential election and they are getting political without having single experience. They often say how America needs to be free spirited and open minded. Often they teach the rightists wrong from the right while at the same time; those celebrities do nothing and are swimming in money, buying expensive houses and cars, keeping everything for themselves.

In this YouTube video, this time, Jennifer Lopez talked nonsense connected to our President. She talks about how the people should start speaking up in order to contribute to the world and make a huge change. But she clearly only talks about the celebrity voices.

Lopez talks about issues that are very important because she thinks she is relevant ‘activist’ or supporter of the rights. But, unfortunately, if you look at her history she has not done anything meaningful. Talk is cheap dear Jennifer. Oh and among the others who tried to bash the President was James Corden, the show’s host, and Paris Jackson.

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