Does a High Fat Diet cause Inflammation? (Keto Diet & Inflammation)

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Does a High Fat Diet cause Inflammation? (Keto Diet & Inflammation) – Thomas DeLauer

bHB & Inflammation

beta-hydroxybutyrate can obstruct what’s called the NLRP3 inflammasome, an immune system receptor connected to inflammation

The NLRP3 inflammasome reacts swiftly to risks to the body, such as toxic substances, infections, or way too much sugar

While practical in most cases, this receptor can be activated as well much if we’re constantly subjected to swelling, like from consuming inflammatory foods each day

By triggering ketosis, we may be able to help in reducing just how much the NLRP3 fires in the body

A ketogenic diet might be helpful for a number of types of discomfort, including neuropathic discomfort, and inflammatory discomfort Compared to sugar metabolism, ketone metabolic process generates less responsive oxygen species, which are recognized to contribute to swelling

Ketosis & 2-deoxyglucose (2DG): Brain Inflammation

Research study from: Raymond Swanson, MD, a professor of neurology at UCSF, principal of the neurology solution at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center, as well as senior writer of the new research


Scientists utilized a small particle called 2-deoxyglucose, or 2DG, to obstruct sugar metabolism as well as produce a ketogenic state in rats and also controlled lab cell lines.

Discovered that 2DG could bring inflammation levels down to virtually control levels – The 2DG molecule quit sugar from metabolizing and developed a ketogenic state in rats with mind swelling as well as in cell societies. Degrees of swelling were drastically lowered – nearly to healthy and balanced degrees – as an outcome.

Also discovered that minimized sugar metabolic rate decreased a vital barometer of energy metabolic rate– the NADH/NAD+ proportion– which in turn activated a protein called CtBP that acts to reduce activity of inflammatory genes

The scientists developed a drug-like peptide molecule that obstructs the capability of CtBP to enter its inactive state– essentially compeling the protein to regularly block inflammatory gene activity and simulating the effect of a ketogenic state

The research study has applications past brain-related swelling – presence of excess sugar in individuals with diabetes mellitus, for example, is connected with a pro-inflammatory state that commonly leads to atherosclerosis, the build-up of fatty plaques that can obstruct vital arteries


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