Republican Party Asked For Obamacare Horror Stories And It Just Backfired In The Best Way

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Yesterday, the Republican Party of Indiana — home state to Vice President Mike Pence — put out a Facebook call for people to tell a personal “Obamacare horror story,” and they got thousands of responses.

They were not however the responses Republicans were hoping for.

Nearly 6,000 people responded to the GOP post with personal stories in the first 29 hours online, and after scrolling through several hundred, I have yet to find a single negative story.

Instead people shared moving stories about the profoundly positive impact the Affordable Care Act has had on their lives. Some wrote about the lifesaving care they or a family member received thanks to President Obama’s landmark legislation, while others told tales of economic freedom or a burden that had been lifted thanks to protections for people living with pre-existing conditions.

Below are some examples of the stories that were shared, and it’s worth scrolling through more if you have time. This spontaneous outpouring shows the positive and transformative impact government can have when we elect leaders who are truly committed to the people they serve, and it is a powerful reminder of what’s at stake as Republicans work to take it all away.

Each of the posts represents an individual whose life was transformed for the better thanks to President Obama and Democrats in the 111th Congress. Read them, share them, and then take action to make sure your Members of Congress know that lives depend on their opposition to Trumpcare — and so do their jobs. (You can reach your Senators and Representative at 202.225.3121.)

Add your name to millions demanding that Congress take action on the President’s crimes. IMPEACH DONALD TRUMP!

Sheila Norton

Sheila Norton is a journalist with ten years of Capitol Hill experience. She has consulted extensively for a variety of progressive causes, including equal rights and clean energy.

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