The Red Tea Detox – Is Red Tea Better Than Green Tea?

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The Red Tea Detox – Is Red Tea Better Than Green Tea?

Green tea has, as many people know, long been acknowledged for its wellness and health benefits. One of the main benefits is weight reduction support. The proof is beyond question. However, maybe we are overlooking something much better?

The Red Tea Detox

It’s certainly a fact that green tea includes very powerful anti-oxidants. These components help us to minimize all kind of health risks such as heart disease and cancer.

As a Weight-loss Expert for many years, it has actually been my primary objective to share useful pointers and techniques for those who pursue optimum health. In upholding my responsibility to transparency, I will expose how this green tea, although advantageous, is gradually losing more value in the light of its tasty and delightful rival – rooibos.

So, is red tea better than green tea?

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