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Trump Team Terrified as Dems Unveil New Plan to Remove President from Office

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Finally, here is a tiny piece of news that should make you a little more hopeful for the future of our country.

A group of brave Democrats in Washington D.C. have just unveiled new legislation with the goal of removing President Donald Trump from office. Under the proposed plan, Congress could create an oversight panel with the power to declare the president unfit for office.

This could prove to be a major turning point in the fight to remove Trump from power – the Republican-controlled Congress has so far been unwilling to move forward with impeachment proceedings, so this could potentially be another option.

“In case of emergency, break glass,” Democrat Congressman Jamie Raskin reportedly told the media. “If you look at the record of things that have happened since January, it is truly a bizarre litany of events and outbursts.”

He added, “I assume every human being is allowed one or two errant and seemingly deranged tweets. The question is whether you have a sustained pattern of behavior that indicates something is seriously wrong. … The President is not well.”

Yahoo News reports


For months, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders have privately counseled their more militant members to forswear talk of impeaching President Trump, telling them the political support for such a step simply doesn’t exist in the GOP-controlled Congress.

But 25 House Democrats, including the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, are now pushing an equally radical alternative: They are backing a bill that would create a congressional “oversight” commission that could declare the president incapacitated, leading to his removal from office under the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

At 12:56 p.m. Thursday, barely four hours after Trump tweeted attacks against MSNBC cable host Mika Brzezinski in crude, personal terms, Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., the chief sponsor of the bill, sent out an email to his colleagues, urging them to get behind the measure, writing it was of “enduring importance to the security of our nation.”

What do you think – does this have a shot at working?

The time for talk is over – we need action, and we need it quickly!

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