10 of the Best Marketing Analytics Tools to Try in 2020

Having a good grasp of your marketing efforts’ effect on revenue can seem difficult. Data related to marketing often isn’t quantifiable in terms of dollars: Think brand awareness, brand perception, brand image…

Not to mention, you have customers who’ve stared at your Facebook ad for a month before going directly to your website, and customers who’ve read your company blog for years before checking out your product.

And yet, you can’t carry on launching marketing campaigns, creating content, paying your social media manager… just because it feels all that is affecting sales in some positive way.

You need data that tells you what’s working and what isn’t.

That’s where marketing analytics tools come into play. Dozens of analytics tools are on the market right now, and the demand for them is still growing. Probably because there is no perfect tool that will solve all of your marketing analytics issues.

The 10 tools highlighted in this article sufficiently perform various kinds of analytics so that you can figure out whether a given marketing tactic is working.

Read on to see which of them might help you make your marketing more data-driven.

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