B2B Direct Mail for Marketing and Sales [Infographic]

We’re in the Digital Age, and marketers and marketing today rely heavily on digital channels to reach prospects and customers.

But are digital channels alone enough to achieve the goals of B2B marketing and sales teams—to reach, engage, convince, and convert prospects into buyers?

In B2B marketing, and particularly in account-based marketing, offline engagement tactics—such as personalized B2B direct mail—can complement digital efforts, helping marketers and sales reps alike to reach and make an impression on potential buyers, and do so in a way that can differentiate sellers from their competition.

When, post-pandemic, businesses reopen their offices, B2B organizations would do well to give direct mail a serious look.

“Just sending one introduction brochure to help kick-off an outbound sequence can create a more trustworthy connection than any digital channel [alone] could yield,” writes Erik Kostelnik of offline automation platform Postal.io. “Physical advertisements triggering a more emotional part of our brain associated with longer-lasting impressions, leading to higher brand recall.”

Check out the following infographic for more reasons you might consider using offline tactics as part of your marketing and sales strategies:

The Why of B2B direct mail, an infographic

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