Budweiser celebrates Independence Day with Bill Pullman

Budweiser’s new July 4th campaign, “Go Fourth, America,” launched today, featuring a nostalgic appearance from Bill Pullman reprising his 1996 role as President Thomas J. Whitmore in the movie “Independence Day.” Behind a crest-emblazoned podium, Pullman reminds folks across the nation that no matter your zip code or accent, we are all Americans, joined in the fight against the coronavirus.

The spot celebrates the United States with a COVID-era spin on the film’s climactic presidential address, as Pullman calls on Americans to celebrate the national holiday like never before.

“Whether you drive a pickup or a hybrid, you live in the heartland or on the coast, whether you pronounce it America or ‘Murica, we are all Americans,” declares a patriotic Pullman. “Seldom on the same page, but reading from the same book.”Along with the patriotic “Go Fourth, America” spot, Budweiser is also encouraging Americans to celebrate the progress they’ve made against the pandemic—and do it with a beer in hand. To help pay for the party, Budweiser parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev is launching a special holiday promotion, letting Americans enjoy a “round” on the beer company.

Adults can log on to MyCooler.com/beer starting July 2 and submit a photo of themselves enjoying a brew wherever they like it best—whether it’s the bar, backyard, or beach—to redeem a $5 digital gift card. The offer runs through July 5. 

The giveaways don’t stop there. Budweiser is offering customers $10,000 through social media to cover all of their backyard barbeque needs. To enter, reply to any Budweiser post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the tags #GoFourthAmerica and #Sweepstakes and their Venmo handle, and follow @BudweiserUSA between July 1 and July 2 at 12 p.m. ET. 

The campaign comes in tandem with a donation from Budweiser to Direct Relief, an organization that sponsors vaccine distribution and COVID awareness around the globe.

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