Email Marketing Made Simple! How To Write Emails That Get Opened & Turn Subscribers Into Customers.

Struggling to make sales through email marketing? Learn the tricks to getting your emails opened, read and clicked on so you can make money with email marketing!

In this video I mention a “over the shoulder” video where you watch exactly how I create these types of emails. I have published that email marketing video for you here:

Email marketing is crucial to your success whether you are selling services, you are an affiliate marketer, you have your own products or membership or you sell physical products.

To CRUSH IT with email marketing, there are 6 core components to a successful email that drives responses, engagement even if you are a total beginner.

In fact, this is the best email marketing guide for beginners in 2018 because it covers the core components required to engage your audience, build trust and to compel them to take action.

The email marketing tips include the importance of the ‘sender information’ in your emails.

Email marketing subject lines that your audience can’t resist opening and how to hook them into reading the rest of your email.

How to use stories in your email marketing to increase the engagement and click through rate on your offers.

For the course where I learned the story framework that I use all the time, go here:

you will also learn how to get your links clicked on in your emails so your call to action will actually result in the engagement you desire.

Finally, we talk about the postscript. The PS is a professional email marketers’ secret weapon. There are a few ways you can use a PS In your email marketing to boost engagement, increase future open rates and increase sales… You learn all three tactics in this video.

This video is really focused on what to do inside of the email itself when you’re sending out broadcast emails… Broadcast emails are what you send to your subscribers after they go through your follow-up sequence. I explain how these broadcast emails work from a bigger picture point of view in this video:

if you do not have your follow-up sequence built yet, my wife and I taught an email marketing course on how to write follow-up sequences that build trust and strengthen your relationship fast in this video:

if you’re looking for a step by step guide on how to build your autoresponder series in your email software… Watch this video tutorial:

For more email marketing strategy, here is a recording from a live speech my wife and I performed in front of a group of entrepreneurs in Thailand where we taught our email marketing strategy. This is the most comprehensive overview of how we leverage email marketing in our business, today:

Lastly, if you need to figure out how to build an opt-in page that will help you grow your email list, watch this video next:

I can’t stress enough the importance of email marketing in your business whether you run a brick-and-mortar store, and affiliate marketing business or you have your own products that you’re selling online.

Email marketing allows you to build a relationship with hundreds of thousands of individuals at the exact same time with one focused activity every day. It is the most intimate and highly leveraged marketing channel possible when you get it right!

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