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Probably one of the hottest online business models to come up over the past year or two is affiliate marketing. But to be honest, even I was REALLY confused about what it exactly is.

So today I’ll be talking about what affiliate marketing is for beginners and tips on how YOU can get started making money with it today.

What is affiliate marketing? Well, it’s basically just getting paid for referrals. You get a commission for getting a user to take some sort of action, usually a purchase or a sign up.

How does affiliate marketing work? You choose something you’re going to market, and you get your audience to see it, then take an action

What can you do affiliate marketing for? Just about anything! The main ones are products, services, software, or digital products. It really depends on the topic of your content.

Is it really passive? For the most part, yes! Once you get things set up, and you get some traffic rolling in, it CAN be passive. But up until that point, not so passive.

How much money can you make doing affiliate marketing? As much or as little as you want to! The sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to affiliate marketing. My first month with Siteground I did $200 in affiliates, and on average do anywhere between $200-300 a month in Amazon Associates alone.

How much money does it take to get started with affiliate marketing? That depends, but the minimum amount to start is $0! Yes, you can start this kind of online business for free, totally possible. But, you can also put money into the business to start, anywhere between $100-$1500 bucks.

Step #1, pick your topic/niche. Similar to starting a blog/youtube channel/podcast etc, you need a target niche when doing affiliate marketing. Why? Because you need to know what kind of content to produce and what kind of products/services to market.

Step #2 is to figure out what you’re going to market. You might be doing products or services or software or courses, whatever it might be, you just have to know what you’re going to do.

Step #3 is, create a marketing platform. If you’re trying to do some affiliate marketing without putting ANY money into your business (and I’m assuming here you have at least a smartphone and internet access) you can create an Instagram account, Facebook page, even a YouTube channel (or all 3!).

If you’re willing to put a very minimal amount into your new business, I HIGHLY recommend starting a website. Why? You OWN it, you’re not depended on another already built platform. For hosting, I recommend Siteground (check it out here:
Step 4 is to build your audience & earn their trust! Whether you’re blogging, on YouTube, Instagram, whatever, you need to get people to TRUST YOU to make this a viable business strategy.

Step 5 is to start making your 10x content to start making your 10x money. But just because you’re trying to get them to convert doesn’t mean you need to be super spammy with your content.

Step 6 is to throw in the pitch. Now don’t just come out and blast them with the pitch. If you’ve created 10x content and built their trust over time, just drop how you use the product or service and totally recommend it. Your trust and content should really take care of the rest.

Step #7 is to repeat steps 4-6!

So that’s what affiliate marketing is and how you do it! Hopefully this video has helped you understand affiliate marketing better and get you on your way to start making money.

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