An Easy Three-Step Headline Formula That Grabs Customer Attention in Just Five Minutes (With Examples)

The legends of copywriting agree on a universal truth: It can destroy or skyrocket your marketing campaign.

“It” is your headline.

And that makes sense: The headline is the first thing that gets noticed. If people don’t read your headline, they don’t go on to read your ad/content/email/etc.

Let’s Look at Some Headline Statistics

Using numbers in your ad or content has been proven effective.

BuzzSumo analyzed 100 million headlines and found that the top starting phrase of headlines that had the most Facebook Engagements were…

  • #1: “X Reasons Why…”
  • #2: “X Things You…”

That finding is similar for the B2B crowd on LinkedIn, with two of the top 3 most shared posts starting with numbers in the headline:

  • #1: “X Ways To…”
  • #3: “X Things You…”