Close the Marketing and Sales Gap, and You’ll Close More Deals

With the flood of information readily available to buyers about potential vendors, modern sales reps are expected to deliver insights and articulate value if they are to generate real opportunities.

The days of small talk and generic pitch decks are over. To make the sale, marketers need to arm sales teams with dynamic content tailored to a potential client’s specific needs.

When preparing for any interaction with a prospect, your organization’s sales and marketing teams must be in lockstep. However, nearly one in three buyers say they are presented with irrelevant information at some point during the sales process—a statistic indicative of just how siloed many marketing and sales departments are.

And yet, with today’s buyers more in control than ever, the stakes and expectations are high for your marketing and sales teams.

How to Maximize the Sales and Marketing Partnership

Buyers expect a personalized, convenient, and consistent sales experience—whether it’s digital or in person. Unfortunately, historically siloed sales and marketing teams often struggle to deliver the right mix of assets to answer potential questions from the buyer.

Pulling out relevant, personalized information for every pitch is a big task—and difficult to scale, especially for teams that aren’t used to collaborating.

Providing sales teams with the tailored content they need for each pitch and customer conversation is possible, but the right shared tools, processes, and KPIs are needed to make it seamless.