Five Simple Programmatic Strategies to Drive More Leads

2020 has taken a turn none of us expected. For us B2B marketers who rely heavily on in-person interactions to connect with clients and drive lead generation, the cancellation of big events and conferences means not only a loss of financial investments but also a longer-lasting loss of potential leads we had hoped to generate via in-person engagements.

As in-person engagements are paused, digital advertising is one way to continue to promote our brands and keep business running as close to normal as we can.

But “digital advertising” is a huge category that includes many channels. How do you know which channel or channels to use to reach your customers?

Because of the relative simplicity of setting up a pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign in Google Ads, many marketers with smaller advertising budgets start with paid search as the first channel to target. No creative assets or media buyers are required, and no fancy technology to learn or understand; instead, you can focus on keywords.

Programmatic advertising, on the other hand, can appear a bit more daunting to B2B marketers, especially when your focus is on driving leads. Considering the complexity of the programmatic landscape and its various technologies, some marketers may choose to simply ignore this channel altogether.

And yet, programmatic doesn’t have to be complicated. If you keep your end goal in mind (driving more leads, acquiring more customers, growing revenue), programmatic offers almost unlimited scale for campaigns of any size that PPC sometimes can’t offer.

Here are five strategies to help you tackle programmatic advertising.