Five Steps for Leading Email Marketing Through Change and Crisis

Getting email marketing right can be a challenge in and of itself, despite the abundance of resources and articles about how to excel.

From ensuring proper segmentation of emails to thinking through how your subject line would sound if read aloud by Alexa, the list of best-practices goes on and on. And although they are all vital things to implement into an email strategy, what happens when a global crisis hits and your emails are all of a sudden one of the last things a customer has time to think about?

My answer: don’t proceed like normal.

As a marketing leader, your team and your organization are looking to you for guidance, so what is your answer?

Don’t drastically cut your marketing budget. Instead, think about how your organization can help customers or prospects grappling with the fallout from the pandemic. If you have a special offer, ensure it is truly an offer to help, not a veiled attempt to increase sales.

In March, marketing shifted its focus to conveying empathy, and though that is still important, we have now entered the authenticity phase: The truth is now the most vital tool at your disposal.

You’ll need to understand the impact that change will have on your marketing channels; identify the right, empathetic, and authentic tone; and implement the guidelines you’ve developed into your program.

The Change

Email will always have a unique role and opportunity, even during a pandemic.