Five Ways to Keep Marketing Even If Your Marketing Budget Is Quarantined

The true nature of the economic fallout of the current coronavirus crisis is still far from certain, and many marketers have been asked by their leadership to freeze all nonessential spending. If you’re one of those marketers, your budget may now be sheltering in place alongside you.

Here’s the good news

You’re not alone.

The global ad spend forecast is down from $712 billion to $691.7 billion because of the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on media and commerce, according to EMarketer. Facebook and Google alone are facing a possible $44 billion decline in ad revenue in 2020.

Clearly, you’re not the only marketer who is rethinking how and where to spend marketing dollars much more carefully now.

Here’s the not-so-good news

Companies that increase their marketing budgets during a recession, or even a depression, increase sales much faster—both during and after the downturn—than companies that cut back, research shows.

But if your leadership isn’t buying into the idea that spending on marketing is essential right now, you likely can’t do much to change their mind. So how can you still continue to position your company to grow now and in the long term?