Marketing Is Becoming Technology-Driven, and the Future Is Open Source

Legacy marketing software is becoming incapable of handling the quantity and quality of work that is required today for serving unpredictable customer bases. Businesses are seeking flexible and modern solutions/tools that scale and can stand with the test of time without incurring huge costs.

The idea of buying proprietary software is arguably questionable. Still, the choice to acquire it could be driven by the lack of a talent pool to customize or integrate non-proprietary software, or peer pressure to go for bigger, bulkier proprietary applications.

But not every company may need the frills and otherwise clutter of functionalities of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products, nor will the cost of investing in one ensure an ROI. Which is where open-source software comes in.

The premise of open source is complete visibility and transparency. The company buying the software has full access to the code. Its software engineers can make changes to the source code, stack up more features, or even decouple a few, however they see fit.

Open-source software is not necessarily synonymous with a global IT community having access to the source code of enterprise software. In most cases, where the open-source software is developed by a vendor, the code never leaves the solution provider’s development team.

How Open Source Can Power Your Marketing Teams

Massive Flexibility for Marketing Innovation

Open-source software offers marketers more leeway to experiment with new ideas and push innovative lead-nurturing campaigns. Often, this elasticity to operate spontaneously is something lacking in the case of proprietary applications. More flexibility means marketers can confidently integrate new tools and technology within quick turnaround times to initiate new, productive, and revenue-bearing conversions before the competition.