The 10 Traits B2B Buyers and Managers Value Most in Salespeople

B2B buyers say the trait they value most in salespeople is active listening, and B2B sales managers say the trait they value most in salespeople is problem-solving, according to recent research from LinkedIn.

The report was based on data from a survey conducted in November and December 2019 among 507 salespeople and sales managers in the US who primarily work in B2B sales, as well as 502 business decision-makers in the US who have influence over purchasing decisions at B2B companies.

B2B Buyers’ View

B2B buyers say the traits they value most in salespeople areactive listening (42% say so), problem-solving (38%), confidence (38%), and relationship-building (34%).

Those are followed by oral communication, technology proficiency, experience, industry expertise, critical thinking, and creativity: