The Role of Customer Empathy in the Future of Marketing

We all know that effective marketing puts the customer first.

But, let’s be honest:

  • How do you really know what matters to your target market?
  • How do you know which marketing activities to implement, test, and refine in the first place?
  • How can you create amazing customer experiences that will deliver revenue and a higher ROI?

With empathy.

By harnessing this underrated human superpower, marketers can cut through the noise and prioritize activities that will deliver real value both to the customer and to the business. Empathy can also help you mobilize an army of brand advocates whose advocacy will expand your marketing reach exponentially.

Which is why the future of marketing is bright. Let’s look at the path leading to that future and the steps marketers can take to get there.

(Editor’s note: This is the first in a two-part series of articles on customer empathy. Up next, in two weeks: “How to Use Empathy in Your B2B Brand Storytelling.”)

The Main Problem With Marketing Today

The problem with marketing today is that a lot of us are still focusing on what marketing no longer is. Marketing has evolved. It is no longer defined by ads and promotions to sell product.