Three Tips to Automate Your Content and Campaigns but Not Alienate Customers and Brand Fans

Content marketing is a game of tug-of-war. As you vie for your audience’s attention, you must pull in new customers without undoing your work with brand loyalists.

Companies now have a lot more time to focus on expanding their digital marketing efforts, since in-person marketing and sales options have diminished because of the current public-health crisis. But to expand, you will have to automate your campaigns.

Yet, the process isn’t as simple as turning on the oven and letting your content cook. That approach is like leaving a Thanksgiving turkey in the broiler without worrying about whether the skin is browning.

If you aren’t careful with your automated system, you’re bound to get burned and turn people off during these challenging times: Your brand loyalists will notice when your content is less timely, lower quality, or less personalized.

Automation needn’t isolate your biggest fans, however. To maintain customer trust while streamlining your workload, keep the following three tips in mind.

1. Treat your automated campaign like a baby

Don’t think of your software as an AI-fueled robot. Picture it instead in more human terms: Your brand is your baby, and your campaign is your brand. Treat it as you would your child:

First, monitor how your campaigns are doing