Three Ways to Make Your Digital Event as Engaging and Effective as In-Person

Especially in our current climate—with more and more businesses considering virtual event opportunities and digital alternatives—event attendees’ attention is being pulled in multiple directions.

Today, setting your business apart requires not only a differentiated product or service but also your unique people. Ultimately, what will set you apart and attract an audience is whom potential customers are able to engage and connect with online.

As marketers consider their options for providing digital event opportunities, one question is top of mind: How do you create an engaging virtual attendee experience?

In any virtual setting, it’s understandably harder to feel truly connected to the other people “in the room.” Which is why it’s even more important for businesses to think about the role their own sales and marketing leaders and teams play in contributing to attendees’ virtual event experiences.

They are the people at the forefront of connecting with attendees, and you need to figure out how they can build meaningful connections virtually as they typically would in-person.

Let’s explore three ways businesses can support sales and marketing teams in taking a people-first approach to their virtual event and showing up more human in a digital setting.

1. Make virtual networking more human

Nothing can replace face-to-face communication, especially at events. It’s where connections are made, and first impressions can turn into long-lasting business relationships.