Top 4 Impactful SEO Trends Today

You’re not alone in thinking that industry trends move at the speed of light. And it isn’t specific to just SEO or marketing; the current state of technology and SaaS is more volatile than ever. Predictions can come true or become obsolete in the blink of an eye and the space of mere days.

Does that mean digital marketers should give up on thinking strategically? Of course not. It just means professionals today need to be keenly aware of industry trends while remaining agile in anticipation of the unexpected.

Our team of experts at Moz have the experience and data to have a finger on the pulse of what’s affecting SEO today. Here are top four trends we’re watching.

1. Embrace localized search alongside traditional efforts

According to Director of Lifecycle Marketing Kelly Cooper, “The bifurcation of local SEO and traditional SEO will close. This is because Google wants to show results that are most relevant to users, and location is increasingly gaining dominance as a search engine ranking factor. As consumer search expectations evolve in pace with Google innovation, SEO software companies and SEOs will need to embrace local at their core: If they haven’t already, they’re already behind.”