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I’ve been making 6 figures the past 11 years by running affiliate marketing blogs.

What is affiliate marketing?

Real quick refresher on affiliate marketing: affiliate marketing is getting paid to refer a person to buy a product or service.

For instance, if you decide to start your own affiliate marketing blog after watching this video and use my link, I get paid around $70.

Affiliate marketing blogs can be focused on anything. From reviews of stand-up paddle boards to parenting tips for traveling with small children.

NATOS System

This whole system is based around the concept of creating an asset, in this case your website, that you can sell later. A ton of people can make money by sending DMs on Instagram but that process is a lot harder to sell and there aren’t many buyers out there which effectively means you won’t get a 3X return which is why the the NATOS system is so great.

If you want to follow this system I’m putting a link to Bluehost down below, it’s what I used when I first started and costs just $3.95 per month and you get a free domain.

How to find a Great Niche?

Your niche could be anything. My advice is to focus on something that’s catching steam now and will be popular in the future. Examples of past amazing niches:

Mattress reviews (Casper, best)
Gig jobs review (Uber, Postmates)
Subscription box reviews (Blue apron, helloFresh)

Right now there are a ton of products that came out of nowhere and have the potential to be huge. Things like:

Electric scooters

A good way to research is to look in the App Store. Right here I found a fitness app that people are paying a subscription for. You could review fitness classes like class pass, soul cycle etc or even just the apps

Your job is to pick a niche and start cranking out content.

How to find profitable affiliate products?

So this goes hand in hand with picking a niche. If you wanted to focus on electric scooters, your natural start would be to find scooters on amazon to review.

How to drive traffic?

So there are tons of ways to drive traffic:
– youtube
– Social media
– Google or Facebook ads
– Email list

What I’m focusing on now is buying from google and Facebook. When niches are new and the competition is still limited, you can profitably drive traffic.

Now what do I mean by drive traffic? Basically for you to get someone to your website you either pay for each click on your ad or for each view (based on a cpm rate)

Our goal is to drive traffic for the lowest cost possible while also ensuring the traffic converts or gets people to buy.

Let’s take a look at an example affiliate ad on google for paddleboards

When I click on this ad, it’s costing the advertiser anywhere from $.25 to $2 per click, and their hope is I buy something, and it’s likely I will buy something because I searched for “best standup paddleboards.”

This Simple Text ad is the reason google is one of the richest companies in the world. It connects a question with an answer.

How to optimize traffic?

Optimizing traffic is all about the making EPL better CPL.

We do this through a number of ways
– Increasing our conversion rate (how many people buy based on a click of an ad)
– We do this by improving our landing page
– Creating better ads
– Spend more on keywords/sources that convert better
– Reducing our CPC
– Creating better ads
– Better targeting our audience
– Blocking poorly performing keywords / sources
– Reviewing which keywords targeted ads and deleting poor performing

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