Six Ways to Strengthen Your Brand Through Product Packaging

To stand out among competitors (consider, for example, the multiple retail channels for computer electronics), brands must convey their message distinctly. And there are few better ways to do so than by crafting a unique and visually appealing packaging design.

Each element of packaging must be carefully employed to deliver the right message, appeal to a brand’s target audience, and provide an engaging and memorable unboxing experience.

Here are six ways to strengthen a brand’s messaging by creating a lasting, positive impression through packaging.

1. Brand Clarity

A solid brand foundation requires an aligned purpose and strategy that focuse on a brand’s values, personality, story, positioning and audience. Packaging, as a brand’s primary touch point, plays an important role in clearly communicating those elements.

To successfully engage consumers, packaging should be clean, clear, and straight to the point. Adding too much text or too many photos and graphics will only confuse and frustrate shoppers. Instead, businesses should stick to the fundamentals, using negative space (blank space) to direct the eye to a message’s key points.

2. The Target

When shaping a brand’s entity, it is crucial to focus on a specific target audience, and then cater to that audience’s needs and desires.

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