How 3 HubSpot Managers Found Strong Co-Marketing Partnerships [+How You Can, Too]

A solid co-marketing partnership is one of the better ways to reach a previously untapped audience, generate positive publicity, and create a wealth of valuable marketing collateral. When done right, it’s a mutually beneficial, thoroughly productive way to boost your marketing efforts as a whole. Aligning yourself with an industry peer can pay off in […]

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HubSpot Ran A Co-marketing Campaign: Here’s What We Learned

Co-marketing campaigns can be undeniably effective for increasing brand awareness, reaching new audiences, or creating amazing — and potentially delicious — new products. For instance, consider the partnership between Doritos and Taco Bell, which resulted in Doritos Locos Tacos, a delicious product promoted in a brilliant co-marketing campaign. If you haven’t heard of the partnership, […]

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