A Beginner’s Guide to SSL: What It is & Why It Makes Your Website More Secure

Have you ever noticed that some URLs start with “http://”, while others start with “https://”? Maybe you noticed that extra “s” when you were browsing websites that require giving over sensitive information, like when you were paying bills online. But where’d that extra “s” come from, and what does it mean? To put it simply, […]

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10 Social Media Fails to Avoid in 2020

Chances are you’ve witnessed a social media fail sometime in the past year. It usually results from a sense of urgency, or a miscommunication that ignores common sense, all for the sake of gaining attention.

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Are Amazon ‘Sponsored Products’ Ads Worth It?

Say you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones or a new guitar tuner. Where would you start your search? Google, right?

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