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7 Top Email Marketing Tips For 2019 // Kimberly Ann Jimenez

Want to stay on top of what’s working NOW in email marketing? In this episode, I’m sharing my top 7 email marketing tips for 2019. 💸💸 ✔️Free List Building Checklist: 💻Get 50% OFF Your 1st Month In The Business Lounge here: Get in-depth, practical examples of today’s episode over on the blog: 7 […]

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5 Steps to Start Email Marketing

Making sure all the pieces of your sales funnel are working together to build your business is critical and in the online space, that means setting up a great email marketing strategy. AWEBER VS. MAILCHIMP VIDEO: DISCOVER VIDEO WITH ME: SIGN UP FOR AMY’S ELITE SO YOU DON’T MISS A BEAT: WHAT KIND […]

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