Marketing and Sales Alignment

The 5 Key Components of a Killer Customer Marketing Strategy

It’s easy to see marketing as a process specific to attracting and converting prospects — the practice of generating and capitalizing on potential customers’ interest. But once that potential has successfully been removed from the equation, and the prospect of winning a prospect’s business is no longer prospective, are you supposed to stop marketing to […]

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Integrations: The Newest Addition to Your Marketing Ops

Marketing isn’t just about campaigns, content, and creativity. There’s a whole lot of “getting things done” that needs to happen behind the scenes for campaigns to roll out on time and performance to scale. This is where marketing operations comes in. Also called marketing ops or MOps, marketing operations is how a marketing team is […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Operations in One Place

One of my favorite movies is “School of Rock,” which also happens to be one of 2003’s best films. In the movie, Jack Black poses as a substitute teacher at a private school, and, after noticing the students are musically talented, he turns the 10-year-olds into a fully-fledged rock band.

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