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7 YouTube Features That Will Help You Get More Views

Did you know that YouTube is the second-largest global search engine and the biggest video platform of all time?

That’s right. Each day, millions of people around the globe visit the site to learn more about a topic, find YouTube content when Google-searching a question, or stream a YouTube video embedded on another brand’s website.

But, despite the YouTube’s ginormous audience, developing a strategy for the broad platform can be an absolute mystery to marketers.

One of the biggest hurdles brands and new creators often face is learning how to pull in solid views for each video. Despite the millions of people who use it regularly, unlocking solid viewership can feel daunting, impossible, or like a total waste of time.

According to many marketers who manage video successfully, this content is definitely worth your effort in 2020. Recently, our State of Marketing Report revealed that brands were prioritizing video over all other types of marketing content — including blogs. 

And, as we’ve seen from a number of companies and influencers who pull in millions of views on YouTube each month, it certainly is possible to gain success on the platform. In fact, YouTube even offers a number of tools to help you create the content your fans are craving. 

In this blog post, I’ll highlight seven of the most valuable YouTube features that can help you get more video views. 

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Tools That Help Boost YouTube Views

YouTube Studio Features

The YouTube Studio is an all-in-one place where video creators can go to monitor, improve, and optimize there overall channel. Within the Studio, you’ll find a Channel Dashboard, Analytics, Insights, Comment Filters and other tools that can inform your strategy. Before we dive into some of the key YouTube Studio features you’ll want to use, here’s a quick demo of how the overall tool works: 

[embedded content]

1. Channel Dashboard

YouTube Studio is a dashboard that tracks the performance of your videos and channel. It also will inform you of trends, news, and comments that are buzzing on the YouTube platform. You can use this dashboard to learn which videos performed well, which didn’t, or how your channel is progressing. You can also use it to learn about trends or news topics that can inform your content strategy. 

To get to your Studio, simply go to your channel, and click the blue YouTube Studio button. 

Where to find the YouTube Studio for your channel

Once you click this button, you’ll be sent directly to the Channel Dashboard. Here’s a look at what it looks like before you actually post videos:

YouTUbe Channel Daashboard

2. Channel Analytics

The Analytics tab of the YouTube Studio offers data about how your videos and overall channel are performing. While looking at this data can’t directly get you views, you can use it to make informed decisions about which types of videos will gain more views. 

For example, if you post a well-made explainer which gets high views and sees high average view times, and then post a product promotion that gets lower views, this might mean that your fans prefer to learn more about your brand through the explainer format rather than an over-promotional one. 

The Analytics tab will show you a number of helpful data points including (but not limited to):

  • Average view times for each video.
  • Channel-specific views and subscribers.
  • Drop-off points where many viewers exited the video.
  • View numbers for each video.
  • Demographic information about your audience and their interests.

Here’s a quick peek at what an Analytics tab on YouTube looks like:

Channel Analytics tool in YouTube Studio

Other Ways to Get More YouTube Views

3. Search Optimization Tools

YouTube might not have inherently created video descriptions, channel About pages, and video or playlist titles for the sake of SEO, but these areas are still incredibly important to optimize for the video search engine, and other sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Aside from optimizing your content by filling in descriptions, you can also customize your video or channel by assigning keywords related to your niche or industry. 

By filling out your descriptions concisely and informatively, you increase the chance of internet users finding you when they search for content related to your channel’s.

Aside from optimizing your channel on the platform itself, you can also use a number of handy and affordable tools to research search keywords you want to target with your content, similarly to how you would do SEO research for a blog post.

For a more in-depth guide to optimizing your YouTube channel, check out this great post. You can also watch this video walkthrough from our Senior SEO Strategist Braden Becker:

[embedded content]

4. Featured Video or Playlist Autoplay

On your main YouTube channel, you can feature a video or playlist that can welcome new subscribers or intrigue viewers who might subscribe to your channel. At this point, YouTube even allows you to set a different video for new viewers and subscribers. This means you can create informative or introductory content to convince new visitors to subscribe while still featuring more in-depth content for your current followers who already know what your channel is about. 

To update your featured content, simply click the Customize Channel button on your profile and you’ll land on a page which allows you to personalize your images and your featured content. 

Set featured content on your Youtube channel's homepage.

Aside from enabling you to create a more personalized experience for new and returning viewers, featured videos will also pull in views when watched. Once the featured video is selected, you can also set it to autoplay. This might also score you some additional views if a visitor does not pause the video too quickly. 

5. Online “Share” Button

Next time you film or edit a YouTube video, consider encouraging viewers to share it on their social channels. They. can easily do this with YouTube’s built-in share function. 

Sharing on Social media with YouTube

6. Cards (Formerly Video Annotations)

For almost a decade, YouTube has allows users to post links to other videos or approved websites within a video. This feature, which was formerly called “Annotations” was improved for mobile experience and renamed as “Cards” in 2017. The Card creator for each video can be found in the YouTube Studio.  Here’s a quick overview of how to set up these prompts: 


[embedded content]

Aside from pointing your audience back to your channel or other videos, Cards can be used to direct traffic to your site, or even add interactive features such as polls. This type of internal linking can also help with SEO rankings.

7. Links in Video Descriptions

When you’re writing a handful of blogs, odds are, you’ll link them to pages or other blog posts on your site so that way you get multiple views from a handful of visitors. This is no different with YouTube descriptions, which appear under your video. 

By adding links to your channel or related videos, as well as a quick description of each title, you add to the viewer’s experience by handpicking content suggestions for them while also optimizing your video and channel for search engines. 

This is a common strategy used by Lilly Singh, the host of A Little Late With Lilly, and a popular YouTube creator. Here’s a quick look at the description inserted in one of her most recent videos: 

Lilly Singh YouTube Description with links

Increasing Your YouTube Views

Although YouTube has a list of helpful features, you’ll still want to create a strategy as well as engaging content to gain a solid following. Building a solid content strategy might include the following steps:

  • SEO or Keyword Research: This will help you identify which topics or keywords are highly searchable and could inform a successful video’s angle.
  • Content Promotion: Once your video is live, you’ll want to take steps to make sure it gets views outside of just search traffic. In the video, or in a social media post, encourage your viewers to watch and share with their networks.
  • Tracking: As you launch your videos, be sure to look at everything from the Analytics tab to the video comments to learn what audiences like and don’t like about your videos. This will help you determine what to keep doing and what content might be worth pausing.

To learn more about how a YouTube strategy can benefit your brand awareness and conversion rates, check out our Ultimate Guide to YouTube Marketing.

YouTube for Business

Originally published Jun 26, 2020 12:00:00 AM, updated June 26 2020


Youtube Marketing

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Tube Rank Machine Review – Rank Videos Faster & Get Free Traffic from Youtube

Still uploading awesome YouTube videos but did not get a lot of traffic?

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Front End – FEATURES

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OTO1 PRO Version Features

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How Does It Work?

This is software does a lot of automation. That means this is super easy to use. Let’s check this video below:

Good Points

  1. Can be used to unlimited videos
  2. User friendly
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  4. Responsive Technical Support 


Bad Points

  1. Need fast internet connection
  2. Need to contact support desk if there is any question
  3. Price will go up from time to time


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Azon Video Maker Review – Turn Amazon Products into Videos for Free Traffic & Sales

It is indeed one of the well-known eCommerce sites in the world- Amazon.

This is the reason why millions of marketers are interested in getting an affiliate business in Amazon. As big market as it is, the biggest challenge of marketers is still driving tons of traffic into their site to be able to get more sales and commissions.

Some are still sticking with a method of ranking their sites on Google. This is the sad part for me because Google is not the only platform in driving massive traffic. Yes, you are right! I’m talking about Youtube. It is named as Google’s little brother.

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1. Turns Any Amazon Product into a Video in just 1-CLICK..

All you have to do is select the product you want to turn into a video and then PRESS ONE BUTTON – all the default settings are in place to create your video in just 1-Click and upload it to Youtube automatically.

2. Built in Amazon Search lets you Find Any Product in just 1-Click…

No need to go over to Amazon to find your products or copy paste details, the BUILT IN search lets you find your products in one click and then insert all the details into the software automatically to turn it all into a video for you.
Select from Price Range, Country, Categories and Best Sellers or Top Sellers – you can pick any product you want and turn it into a video in a few seconds.

3. Automatically Gets You Images & Product Info from Amazon in just 1-Click.

You will never have to copy paste product names, titles, descriptions, features or any images from Amazon. The 1-Click technology built into this software does all that for you at the press of a button.

4. Automatic Voice-Over using Smart Text to Voice with 18 Natural Voices…

Azon Video Maker has smart voice over technology powered by a Fortune 500 company. This allows us to create the most natural sounding text to speech you have ever seen. Select whether you want to use a Male or Female voice and select from 9 different languages too.

5. Automatically Uploads New Videos to Top Video Sites for you…

Now you will never have to worry about manually uploading your videos to the top video sites. Azon Video Maker automatically uploads your videos to Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

6. This Software is SMART! Automatically Adds Video Effects, SEO Tags, Text Overlay & Almost Natural Voice to Each Video…

The best part about creating a web based software is that we use technology from the best companies to create this. That is why this software is super-smart, automatically adding various essential elements to give you the best results.

7. Automatically Inserts Amazon Affiliate Links into Your Uploaded Videos…

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8. Automatically Shares Your Affiliate Videos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Medium…

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10. Automatically Shortens Affiliate Links

Short links are easier to share and often are known to get more clicks that longer, cryptic looking links that you see. That’s why we created automatic link shortening working with two of the top link shortening sites to instantly short-link your affiliate links when posted to Youtube.

11. Create Videos using Over 500 Built in Web Fonts & Customize Colors…

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13. Automatically Adds SEO Tags to Videos

SEO is important for traffic and that is why we made sure the videos you create 100% SEO Friendly by adding the right titles and video TAGs in one click to your videos when you upload them to Youtube. This is amazing for getting higher rankings and traffic.

14. Select from 1000+ Music Tracks for Your Video Background Music…

Music is important to make your videos engaging and fun. Thats why we have added more than 1000 music tracks into the software to let you pick them for your videos or just select RANDOM to speed it up.

15. Access Our Library of Over 1 MILLION Images to Create Videos…

Images are the most important part of your videos, any product video you create must have the right images. Apart from the videos we get for you via Amazon, you can also access our library of over 1 MILLION images and select any number of images to add to your videos. Make your videos BETTER by adding premium images in just 1-CLICK.

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How Does It Work?

Step 1
Enter a Keyword to Find Products & Pick The Amazon Product You Want to Turn into a Video…
Step 2
Select Your Settings, Images, Music & the Voice-over You Want…
Finally – Step 3
Press the “Create Video” Button & Grab Yourself a Cup of Coffee. In just a few minutes, your Video will be READY…

Demo Video:

Good Points

1. Create affiliate videos in an just minutes
2. Earn passive commission without breaking a sweat
3. Get new videos posted on your Youtube everyday
4. Easy to use even for newbie
5. No more manual work of adding videos
6. Awesome bonuses included
7. Responsive Technical support


Bad Points

1. You need to contact support desk for any question


There you have it! This is an amazing software indeed that helps you get that highest commission you want in Amazon. You are one-click away to make that happen. Get your own copy of Azon Video Maker here!

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