Text Marketing: 2020’s Digital Disruptor

Digital marketing is facing yet another disruption, this time at the hands of SMS. As text marketing technology has evolved, it’s become increasingly accessible and affordable for every level of sender, giving marketers unprecedented access to their customers’ attention.

It’s hard to discount the power of the platform: Text marketing messages receive six times the engagement of email, and more than half of consumers check their phones five or more times per hour.

Text marketing’s efficacy extends beyond marketing messages; employers are using it to communicate with their employees, too. And as AI improves effective messaging and analysis, better informing marketers about how users engage with and respond to their messages, campaigns are becoming more focused and successful.

In short, text marketing is becoming a popular marketing channel, and the industry has been building toward a productive and groundbreaking year in 2020 (and beyond).

Here are six things to keep in mind about the future of text marketing, including how senders and recipients alike will see their experience enhanced in the coming years.

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