The Complete Email Marketing Course!

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Hello and welcome to this complete email marketing course! Building and managing an email list continues to be one of the most valuable marketing channels for most online businesses. Watch as Jerry Banfield shows you how he builds an email list from the ground up using services such as MailChimp, LeadPages, Facebook marketing, Google AdWords and many more! Jerry is an expert in digital marketing who had generated $100,000+ through his email lists!

Time Stamps
00:45 Focus on delivering value with email marketing
06:46 I’ve earned over $100,000 using email marketing
09:16 How to best use this course
12:58 Avoid these mistakes I made!
18:38 My website plays key role in my email marketing system
23:30 Choose the best email provider that fits your needs
26:47 Testing different forms and pages for collection
29:37 Website basics section overview
30:44 Choosing a domain name
33:25 I used WordPress to create and manage my website
35:12 Choosing a website hosting provider
40:28 Choosing a WordPress theme
45:24 Creating blog posts worth reading
50:10 Building signup forms
54:08 How to design a landing page
1:03:05 Using MailChimp to build an email list
1:06:13 MailChimp is FREE for under 2,000 subscribers!
1:07:12 Choosing a MailChimp plan
1:10:48 Read the ToS before getting started
1:16:21 Campaigns in MailChimp
1:19:45 Templates are outlines used to send emails
1:22:12 Lists are collections of emails
1:25:02 Reports allow you to see the results of your campaigns
1:29:31 Setting up automation
1:33:07 API keys allow you to integrate with WordPress
1:36:04 How to add users to your MailChimp account
1:39:26 How to create a new email list
1:43:31 Editing text on the opt-in email
1:47:31 How to use a double opt-in page
1:48:52 Using a free offer page on my website
1:56:28 Using the same format for future offers
1:59:04 Explaining what to expect next as a subscriber
2:05:00 Using affiliate links when claiming the free offer
2:06:27 Adding a Facebook conversion tracking pixel to my page
2:11:53 Setting up Google AdWords conversion tracking
2:18:40 LeadPages makes trial and error simple
2:26:12 Examples of squeeze, capture and registration pages
2:30:03 Choosing a landing page template
2:37:09 Customizing templates and saving a landing page
2:42:20 Managing integration between LeadPages and an email provider
2:44:47 Using a thank you page to track conversions
2:52:32 A simple test to make sure everything is working correctly
2:56:57 Building a landing page with another free offer
3:01:34 An overview of my entire email marketing system
3:19:16 Sending out my first email
3:24:32 Reviewing the results of my first campaign

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