What You Should Know About Your Audience Before Creating the Perfect Email Workflow

Email marketing reaches your customers, builds relationships, and make sales happen. But it doesn’t work well if you don’t understand your audience, their needs, and their wants. Because to help your audience better understand how your service or product can help them, you yourself need to first know whom you’re talking to.

This article outlines steps you need to take to to learn more about your audience so that you can then segment them and improve your email workflow—and conversions.

Their Behaviors

One of the most important things to know about your customers is their behaviors. In other words, how often or how little they buy from you, as well as how much they spend each time and what they buy.

A customer who buys from you frequently but spends little each time requires a message different from one for a customer who buys from you once every six months—but spends a lot of money each time. Those two customers, both, might like your company and the products or services you offer, but they’re interested in different ones and have different reasons for buying.

Once you understand your target audience’s behaviors on a granular level, you can then work out an email workflow that (a) targets them with the right content/message and (b) targets them at the right time (including, for example, when to send emails—what day, what time of day, etc.).

Moreover, you can also create more buyer personas when you learn more about customer behavior. For example, you might have “regular customers,” “first-time buyers,” “prospective buyers,” “loyal customers,” “discount customers,” and other personas.

Their Location

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