GoHighLevel vs ClickFunnels vs BuilderAll: which one is for you?

Choosing between GoHighLevel, ClickFunnels, and BuilderAll? GoHighLevel shines for CRM, ClickFunnels for funnel building, and BuilderAll for budget-friendly tools. Explore more to find your fit…

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Key Takeaways

  • GoHighLevel is ideal for agencies looking for robust CRM and automation capabilities.

  • ClickFunnels excels with its user-friendly funnel builder, suitable for both beginners and experienced marketers.

  • BuilderAll provides a vast array of digital marketing tools at a budget-friendly price point.

  • A 14-day free trial, like the one offered by GoHighLevel, allows you to test drive features without financial commitment.

  • Comparing these platforms side-by-side helps you choose the best one based on your specific business needs and technical expertise.

Why a 14-Day Free Trial Could be a Game Changer for You

Imagine having two whole weeks to explore a tool that could revolutionize the way you do business. That’s the power of a free trial. It’s not just about getting something for free. It’s about making an informed decision without the pressure of upfront costs. Most importantly, it’s a risk-free opportunity to see if the platform fits into your workflow and really delivers on its promises.

Now, let’s dive into the specifics of each platform, starting with GoHighLevel.


Spotlight on GoHighLevel

If you’re running an agency, you know the drill. Time is money, and efficiency is the name of the game. GoHighLevel steps up to the plate with a suite designed to handle everything from client acquisition to retention, all while keeping you organized with its CRM capabilities.

Built for Agencies: A Closer Look

GoHighLevel is like a Swiss Army knife for your agency. It’s crafted to streamline operations, whether you’re juggling multiple clients or need a centralized system to manage your marketing efforts. Here’s the scoop:

  • Unified Dashboard: Keep all client information and campaigns in one place.

  • White Labeling: Present the platform under your brand, enhancing your professional image.

  • Scalability: As your agency grows, GoHighLevel grows with you, no need to switch platforms.

But it’s not just about what it does; it’s about how it does it.

CRM Meets Automation: How GoHighLevel Streamlines Processes

Here’s where GoHighLevel shines. It combines CRM with automation to not just manage your leads but nurture them without you lifting a finger. You can automate follow-ups, schedule appointments, and even manage text and email campaigns all within the platform. It’s like having an extra team member that works 24/7.

“With GoHighLevel, I’ve been able to automate what used to take hours into mere minutes. It’s like magic!” – Jane Doe, Digital Agency Owner

But let’s break it down even further.

Tracking Leads and Managing Clients

GoHighLevel’s CRM isn’t just a database; it’s a powerhouse. It lets you track where each lead is in your funnel, tag them based on actions, and even score them to prioritize follow-up. The result? A smoother process that leads to better conversion rates.

Intelligent Automation Tools at Your Fingertips

Automation is the future, and GoHighLevel is already there. From automated SMS and email sequences to voicemail drops and even AI-powered chatbots, it’s equipped to handle the heavy lifting of lead nurturing.

Now, let’s talk about how well it plays with others.

Customization and Integration: Does GoHighLevel Fit Your Tech Stack?

Every business has different needs, and GoHighLevel gets that. It offers a range of customization options and integrates with popular apps to ensure it fits seamlessly into your existing tech stack. Whether you’re using Zapier to connect to other tools or tapping into its API for custom solutions, GoHighLevel is as flexible as it is powerful.

Third-Party Apps: A Seamless Connection?

GoHighLevel doesn’t just integrate; it integrates well. Connect it with your favorite tools like Google Ads, Facebook, and more, and watch your efficiency skyrocket.

Maximizing Efficiency with Built-In Features

From its built-in calendar to its comprehensive reporting, GoHighLevel’s features are designed to maximize your agency’s efficiency. You’ll spend less time on manual tasks and more time growing your business.

But what about the other big players in the funnel builder space? Let’s compare.

Snapshot Comparison: GoHighLevel, ClickFunnels, BuilderAll

Choosing the right funnel builder is crucial for your online business. Each platform offers unique features, but which one is the right fit for you? Let’s take a brief look at how GoHighLevel stacks up against ClickFunnels and BuilderAll.






Agencies & CRM

User-friendly funnels

All-in-one marketing

User Experience

Intuitive for pros

Great for beginners

Comprehensive but complex


Highly customizable

Templates & editor

Extensive toolset


Wide range of integrations

Some integrations

Multiple integrations



Subscription with upsells

Budget-friendly plans

As you can see, each platform has its strengths. But the real question is, what do you need for your business? That’s where the free trial comes in. By signing up for GoHighLevel’s 14-day free trial, you can get a hands-on experience to see if it’s the right tool for your agency.

But we’re not stopping here. In the next sections, we’ll break down ClickFunnels and BuilderAll in more detail, so you can make the best choice for your business.

And remember, the goal is to empower you to make an informed decision. So, take the next step and start your free trial with GoHighLevel today.

Drag-and-Drop Editor: Creating Funnels Made Easy

Let’s switch gears to ClickFunnels. This platform has made a name for itself with its simplicity. The drag-and-drop editor is a dream come true for those who want to create professional-looking funnels without needing a degree in design. You can literally click on an element, drag it to where you want it, and drop it in place. It’s that straightforward.

Template Variety: From Launch to Sales Mastery

ClickFunnels doesn’t skimp on variety. Whether you’re launching a new product, setting up a webinar, or pushing a high-ticket offer, there’s a template for that. They’ve done the heavy lifting by testing what converts, so you can focus on what you do best: selling your product or service.

User Experience: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

It’s one thing to have a robust platform, but if it’s not user-friendly, it’s game over. ClickFunnels understands this and has designed an interface that’s intuitive and easy to navigate. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’ll find creating funnels to be a breeze.

ClickFunnels Training Resources: Honing Your Marketing Skills

Where ClickFunnels really stands out is in its commitment to education. They offer a plethora of training resources to help you get the most out of the platform. From their extensive knowledge base to detailed video tutorials, ClickFunnels ensures you have the know-how to create winning marketing campaigns.

“ClickFunnels didn’t just give me a tool; they taught me how to use it. The training resources were a game-changer for my business.” – John Smith, Entrepreneur

A Deep Dive into ClickFunnels Academy

The ClickFunnels Academy is a treasure trove of information. With courses covering everything from the basics of funnel building to advanced sales strategies, you can elevate your marketing skills to new heights. And the best part? It’s included with your subscription.

Community and Support: Are You Covered?

ClickFunnels boasts a vibrant community of marketers and entrepreneurs. Their support team is responsive and knowledgeable, ready to assist you with any challenges you might encounter. Plus, with regular updates and new features, you can rest assured that ClickFunnels is invested in your success.

Uncovering BuilderAll’s Potential

Now, let’s talk about BuilderAll. It’s the platform that promises everything but the kitchen sink. With over 30 marketing tools under one roof, it’s designed to be the only marketing tool you’ll ever need. But with such a vast toolset, is it too much of a good thing?


A Budget-Friendly All-in-One Marketing Platform

BuilderAll is kind to your wallet. Their pricing model is straightforward, with no hidden fees or surprise upsells. It’s an attractive option for startups and small businesses that need to maximize every dollar.

Comprehensive Toolset: Is BuilderAll Overkill or Just Right?

With BuilderAll, you get access to a suite of tools that cover nearly every aspect of digital marketing. From email marketing to webinar hosting, from chatbots to app creation, it’s all there. But because of its extensive features, there can be a learning curve.

Digital Marketing Tools Galore

BuilderAll’s array of tools is impressive. You can create animated videos, design mockups, and even build your own e-learning courses. It’s a powerhouse for those who love having options at their fingertips.

Website Building and Beyond: A Fit for Non-Techies?

Despite its vast capabilities, BuilderAll has worked hard to make its platform accessible to non-techies. The website builder uses a drag-and-drop interface, similar to ClickFunnels, making it easy to create beautiful websites without any coding knowledge.

BuilderAll’s Support Network: Guidance for Your Marketing Journey

BuilderAll understands that having a great tool is just the beginning. They offer comprehensive support through tutorials, a help center, and a community of users who are always willing to lend a hand.

Learning Curve and Community Insights

While BuilderAll is feature-rich, newcomers may find the sheer number of tools daunting. However, their community is an excellent resource for tips and tricks, and their support team is always on standby to help you navigate the platform.

Scaling Your Business with BuilderAll

BuilderAll is not just about starting out; it’s about growth. With tools that can adapt to increasing demands, it’s a platform that aims to be with you for the long haul, supporting your business as it scales.

Price Point Analysis: What’s the Real Cost?

When it comes to choosing a funnel builder, the price is a big factor. But it’s not just the sticker price you need to consider. It’s about the value you get for your investment. Let’s break it down.

Upfront Pricing Breakdown: No Surprises Here

GoHighLevel, ClickFunnels, and BuilderAll have different pricing structures, but they’re all transparent. You know what you’re paying for, and there are no hidden costs to catch you off guard.

Value Assessment: Features vs. Investment

It’s essential to weigh the features you get against the money you’re spending. GoHighLevel is a bit pricier but offers comprehensive CRM and automation tools. ClickFunnels is mid-range, focusing on funnel building and training. BuilderAll is the most budget-friendly, with a vast toolset that can save you money on other software.

When Free Isn’t Free: The Truth Behind Trial Periods

Free trials are fantastic, but they’re not always ‘free’. Sometimes, you’re required to enter payment details, and if you forget to cancel, you might be charged. However, with GoHighLevel’s 14-day free trial, you get to test every feature without any commitment. If it’s not for you, just cancel, no strings attached.

And let’s not forget the long-term perspective.

ROI on Sales Funnel Software: Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

At the end of the day, it’s about return on investment (ROI). Are these tools helping you make more money than you’re spending on them? With GoHighLevel’s CRM capabilities, ClickFunnels’ educational resources, and BuilderAll’s comprehensive toolset, chances are you’ll see a positive ROI if you use them to their full potential.

A Real-World Look: Who’s Winning with These Tools?

Success stories are the proof in the pudding. All three platforms have transformed businesses, but it’s important to look at real-world results. Here’s what users are saying:

  • “GoHighLevel’s automation has saved me hours each week, and my client retention has never been higher.” – Agency Owner

  • “ClickFunnels helped me launch my course, and I made back my investment within a month!” – Course Creator

  • “BuilderAll has so many tools, I was able to cancel three other subscriptions. It’s saved me money and simplified my workflow.” – Online Entrepreneur

These stories highlight the impact the right funnel builder can have on your business. And remember, the best way to see if one of these platforms is for you is to try it out for yourself. GoHighLevel’s 14-day free trial is a perfect opportunity to do just that.

So, what are you waiting for? Take action now and start your free trial. It could be the first step towards taking your business to new heights.

Every online entrepreneur’s journey is unique, but the tools they use can make all the difference in achieving success. GoHighLevel, ClickFunnels, and BuilderAll have all been game changers for many. Let’s look at some of the success stories that these tools have helped to write.

A Real-World Look: Who’s Winning with These Tools?

  • Agencies optimizing client relations with GoHighLevel’s CRM.

  • Entrepreneurs launching profitable funnels with ClickFunnels.

  • Small businesses managing their entire online presence with BuilderAll.

These platforms aren’t just about building funnels; they’re about building businesses. And the businesses that leverage these tools effectively are seeing remarkable results.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the transformations made possible by these powerful tools.

Success Stories: Transformations Made Possible

From solopreneurs to established agencies, these funnel builders have been instrumental in driving growth. For instance, a boutique marketing agency used GoHighLevel to automate their lead generation process, resulting in a 50% increase in conversions within the first three months.

Another entrepreneur turned to ClickFunnels to sell his online course and saw a 150% increase in sales after optimizing his sales funnel with the platform’s A/B testing features.

BuilderAll helped a small business owner consolidate her marketing tools into one platform, leading to a 30% reduction in her monthly software expenses and a more streamlined marketing process.

Tracking Real Growth: From Newbies to Big Players

Real growth is measured not just by short-term gains but by sustainable expansion. Users of these platforms have reported significant growth in their customer base and revenue. For example, a startup that embraced GoHighLevel’s full suite of tools tripled its lead generation in six months, paving the way for steady growth.

Staying Power: Clients Who’ve Grown with the Software

The true test of any software is not just in attracting users, but in keeping them. GoHighLevel, ClickFunnels, and BuilderAll have loyal followings because they offer more than just tools; they provide pathways to success. Users have grown their businesses over the years, thanks to the scalability and continuous innovation offered by these platforms.

“ClickFunnels didn’t just help me build a funnel; it helped me build a business. My revenue has grown consistently year over year.” – Emily Renolds, Online Entrepreneur

These real-world examples show the power of choosing the right funnel builder for your business. But how do you make the most of it once you’ve chosen?


Ready to Take the Plunge? Here’s Your Next Step

Once you’ve decided to try a funnel builder, the next step is to make the most of your free trial. This is your opportunity to explore the platform, test its features, and determine if it’s the right fit for your business. And with GoHighLevel, you have 14 days to do just that.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Free Trial

Starting a free trial is like taking a new car out for a test drive. It’s exciting, but to truly know if it’s the right car for you, you need to take it on the roads you travel every day. The same goes for a funnel builder. Use your trial period to run through the paces of your daily marketing activities.

Here’s how you can set yourself up for a successful trial:

Setting Up for Success: A Step-by-Step Guide

First, define your goals. What do you want to achieve with this tool? Whether it’s increasing leads, sales, or improving customer engagement, having clear objectives will guide your exploration.

Next, familiarize yourself with the platform. Take advantage of any onboarding resources, tutorials, or customer support offered. The more you know about the platform, the better you can leverage its capabilities.

Then, create a campaign. Use the trial period to launch a real campaign that can produce actual results. This will give you a tangible sense of the platform’s effectiveness.

Optimizing Your Trial: Tips and Tricks

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try out different features, even those you might not think you need. You might discover new ways to improve your business that you hadn’t considered before.

And most importantly, keep track of your results. Monitor how the platform affects your key metrics during the trial. This data will be invaluable in deciding whether to continue with the service.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether GoHighLevel is the right tool for your business.

Start Your 14-Day Free Trial of GoHighLevel Today

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your business. Click the link above and begin your journey to more efficient, effective marketing with GoHighLevel.


Still have questions? Let’s tackle some of the most common queries about these funnel builders.

Which Sales Funnel Builder Is Ideal for Small Businesses?

BuilderAll is often recommended for small businesses due to its wide range of tools and affordable pricing. However, small businesses that prioritize customer relationship management might find GoHighLevel to be a better fit.

Can I Switch from One Platform to Another Easily?

Switching platforms can be a hassle, but it’s doable. Most platforms offer import and export functions to help you transition. However, always check compatibility and prepare for a learning curve with the new software.

Are These Tools Suitable for Non-Marketers?

Absolutely. While marketers may get the most out of these tools, they are designed to be user-friendly. ClickFunnels, in particular, is praised for its ease of use, making it suitable for entrepreneurs without a marketing background.

Is a Free Trial Really Beneficial in the Long Run?

Yes, a free trial can be incredibly beneficial. It allows you to thoroughly test a platform before committing financially, ensuring that it meets your needs and is worth the investment.

How Do I Determine Which Platform Matches My Current Tech Setup?

Assess your current tech stack and compare it with the integration capabilities of the platform you’re considering. GoHighLevel, for example, offers a wide range of integrations, making it a versatile choice for many tech setups.